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#1 AMAZON Bestseller in multiple categories!

Manuel Hilleke: 

Play Along with the Brass Band Marshall Cooper
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    Play with a Live Brass Band. Learn the essential foundations of  Jazz- and Pop-trumpet in the process.
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    Fun factor & Bandfeeling combined for successful learning. Tailor made for trumpet!
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    For 1-3 Trumpets. 11 intermediate songs in the Genres Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock'n'Roll, Reggae and Mariachi.


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What makes it special?

Multiple Play-Along Versions

For each song you get multiple live played Play-Along-versions from my New Orleans Brass Band
Marshall Cooper:
• full track
• minus trumpet 1 (to practice lead-playing & improvisation)
• minus trumpet 2 and without any trumpets
(to practice section-playing)

Detailed Practice Guides

In addition, each song comes with extensive tips regarding phrasing, articulation, lead- & section playing, and improvisation. 
This makes this book a must have for any trumpeter, who wants to play Pop-, Rock & Jazz.

Prof. Malte Burba

„An exceptionally well-thought-out and intelligently crafted project, musically invaluable and educationally constructive. – There’s no comparison to average Play-Alongs – pedagogically and artistically absolutely impressive. Chapeau!“

Joo​​​​​ Kraus

„You close your eyes, turn up the volume and are right in the middle of it: It immediately makes you tap your foot. All you want to do is grab your horn and play. If you don’t have a band (like I did as a young player), but want to play, you need to get this book! If only this had been around back in the day: 5 stars plus!“

Prof. Axel Schlosser

„A fantastic playbook, integrating a genius idea: you can practice Lead and section playing, jazz-improvisation with those play alongs whit loads of fun in a simulated brass band setting. This is how you learn to play in New Orleans. You can’t get closer to the core of groove based music and jazz.“

Customer Reviews
(translated from german)

Nils Wallstädt

"This book is well-thought-out, beautifully designed, great selection of tracks. Perfect for advanced students or for yourself to play some grooves… :-) Clearly a must-buy."

David Gebhard

For beginners and professionals!
​"Definitely no mainstream playbook. Backing tracks have been recorded live in a studio which creates an authentic experience - you feel like part of a section. The tips on phrasing etc. which are included for each song, help structure, develop, and improve your play.  Further, it helps beginners to prevent stylistic mistakes. 

The fun aspect does not fall short either: Groovy arrangements and unique compositions! Purchase recommendation!

Uwe Kaysler

Super playbook!
"A very well-thougth-out and well-structured playbook with clear explanations and comprehensible tips. It is fun to work with this book and to dive into the „band feeling“.  The various styles that are available for section- and solo playing distinct this book from others.“

Markus Burger


"Don’t think twice, buy it. It is definitely worth it!"

Jens Hilzensauer

Soon-to-be standard work!

"The play-alongs are brilliantly played and recorded.  

The songs are varied and I especially liked the explanations regarding section and lead playing and the improvisation tips. Absolutely has what it takes to be a standard work. Clear recommendation."

Manuel Hilleke: Groove Trumpet


Digital Course + PDF & mp3s
(practice anywhere, anytime!)

  • 11 intermediate songs in the Genres Jazz, Funk, Rock'n'Roll, Reggae & Mariachi
  • Live Brass Band Play-Along
  • Tips & Tricks for lead-, section- and solo-playing
  • Suitable for self-study and teaching
  • Also perfect for classically trained players, who want to dive into popular music styles

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About the Author Manuel Hilleke

I'm the best-selling author of Groove Trumpet. Hundreds of trumpet players have used this book to rapidly and dramatically improve their section, lead and solo playing. I want you to be next. Sign up below to start playing through one song for free.